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University of Rochester involved in Limbaugh and Fluke Ordeal.

As a University of Rochester Student, i just wanted to address this.

First off, this has gotten so huge, its interesting to be apart, even from a distance, of something so controversial and important.

One of our professors, Professor Landsburg, of the Econ department, has posted blog posts in support of Limbaugh’s derogatory name’s for Sandra Fluke in her support of having her University cover Birth Control as apart of their health insurance.

Since this initial post, Landsburg has gotten attention from the President of our University, Joel Seligman, who have continued their dialog, as well as from the D&C and our own, Campus Times.

All of this attention has really fired up the student populous, and is flooding everyones facebook feeds. Students even protested in his Econ 108 class.

Links are being posted and shared, commented on, debated via social media outlets, etc.

It makes me happy to see that something has gotten everyone so enthusiastic, whether you’re for Limbaugh or against, or for contraception or not, blah blah.

This is the sort of thing that i think our generation has needed. Maybe it seems like its just happening right now because its so close to home. Literally.

UR students have been extremely active in the Occupy Wall street and UR movements this year as well.

I’ve just really been following this story lately.

However, at the very root of the problem, this issue seems to’ve become a giant slander-fest. Limbaugh and Landsburg called Fluke out, now everyone is calling Landsburg out. And Landsburg and Seligman are exchanging words.

Both Landsburg and Seligman have been receiving furious letters from students and outsiders alike.

Here’s my bottom line. If Limbaugh and Landsburg disagreed with Fluke about her wanting contraception as apart of her health insurance, then they should have done so in a more respectable manor. One reflecting their intelligence and knowledge on the subject.

Resorting to derogatory terms like “slut” and “prostitute” is a cop-out, i think.

As i have commented on my facebook, the main issue should be the language. Everyone should express their views. Yadda yadda.

But what happened to thinking before you speak?

Everyone could have handled the situation better.

Here are links to everything im talking about:

*Landsburg’s original post

*Seligman’s response

*D&C article

*UR’s Campus Times Article

*Landburg’s direct response to Seligman

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